Heidi Stassen

I started using this product 48 days ago and simply have to share my story and these amazing results! 


Firstly I must mention that I am a cancer survivor. Despite being in 100% remission for 8 years already, I sadly suffered serious consequences from the cancer treatments and the metrotoxade (which is a chemo tablet) I used as a chronic medication. 


My liver and lymph system was affected due to the chemicals used to treat me resulting in over-chemical exposure & nearly cost me my life in 2011/12. I developed intolerances for any chemical medication including cortisone, potassium di-chloride, and antibiotics and as a result, developed an auto-immune system problem that affected my skin with severe dehydration and inconsistent/deformed skin cell growth. I would wake up with sores, cuts, and bruises on my skin for no apparent reason. At times I had to be hospitalized for vital organ failure  & severe inflammation as a direct result of the trauma to the skin. (which is our body's largest organ) I also lost ALL my hair in 2012. 


The healing process started 3 years ago when we started with a complete change in lifestyle in order to rebuild the immune system from scratch as that of a newborn baby, starting with fresh products, fruits, vegetable and purified water & rooibos tea only. I had to first clear the system completely and help the liver to detox through diet and a healthy lifestyle. I slowly started introducing different food products like dairy meat and grains over a long period of time but the permanent damage to my skin remained with scars and marks in my face and entire body there as a permanent reminder of this ordeal. One area on my right arm remained permanently scared to the extent where I would not wear short sleeved clothing out.


Today, after 48 days of using Bio Active Collagen Plus I can see remarkable results not only in my face & my right arm but also on the skin over my entire body. I have more energy and definitely far fewer aches & pains in the areas.

Bio Active Aesthetica's all-natural and premium quality formulas are anti-aging, promotes health and well-being, balanced hormones and longevity

Dalene Erasmus

I also started using the product. I was in a car accident 5 years ago and suffered many fractures and had pain every day and took pain pills to make pain easier. I started using the product for 2 weeks now, only one word - wonderful product. I have minimal pain, I feel much better and back to enjoying life again, a wonderful product that works

Rosa Jacobs

I am 50 years old and have been struggling with rheumatism in my knees for more than 20 years. It was so bad that I got up early in the morning and could not climb stairs at all. When I first sat it was hard to get up.


About 6 months ago I read the product on Facebook and decided to invest immediately in the hope that it would improve my mobility. I also play squash and because of the nature of the matter it also became so bad that I had to give up. After only one month, I felt a significant difference. I got up much easier in the morning and my knees did not hurt as much as in the past. I also climb many easier stairs and walk with much more convenience.


Not only is the pain better, but my nails and hair grow so fast that I have to do it every three weeks, where I could last for 5/6 weeks. I also sleep more calmly and feel like I have more energy.


This is truly a fantastic product and it tastes delicious.


I would recommend it to anyone who has a pain or an ailment, because it's really a "miracle" treatment. To feel so much better at my age is truly fantastic.

Alice Manso

When I discovered collagen plus I was curious so decided to try it. Besides the amazing sugar free taste of both the berry and alternative lemon flavour, it dissolves easily in a glass of water, has been my favourite first drink in the morning. I enjoy it above all for its great benefits of high calcium content for strong teeth, bones and ligaments and vitamin C,  improving eye health and skin elasticity. A great health supplement to strengthen my immune system.